Elements: The Monthly Newsletter of the National Hip Hop Political Convention seeks to serve the political education needs of the hip hop generation in general and the political hip hop community in particular through promotion of the National Hip Hop Political Agenda with well researched, well written journalism that speaks to members of the hip hop generation.  At Elements we do not feel that the hip hop generation needs another hip hop magazine or newsletter.  Instead, because the hip hop generation is in desperate need of a political publication that speaks to us and our political reality, Elements has been developed.  In the same way that hip hop activism uses hip hop to politically organize individuals, Elements uses aspects of hip hop to politicize individuals.  

Elements Staff

JLJessica LaShawn: Coeditor-Writing is not a choice for me, it is an addiction I’m happy to feed” says Jessica LaShawn.  Deemed “The Journalist,” because of her ability to be at the right place at the right time, she has worked as an editor, contributor, photographer, and marketing liaison for over ten years in the media industry.  Her work has appeared in YCA, Promo, BrownGurl, Yo Raps, and many more.  With the release of her book, “I Never Knew What Time It Was” and an online magazine, Stereo Ave, she decided to embark on politics, education, creative writing, and entertainment. She is a graduate student at Northeastern Illinois University and an Alumni of Alcorn State University  

 Matt Birkhold: Coeditor- Matt Birkhold is an educator/writer who currently teaches at Adelphi University in New York.  He has taught at Temple University, the University of Utah and La Salle University.  His writings have appeared in Wiretap Magazine and The Nation.  He is currently based in Brooklyn.  

Jasmin A. Young: Staff Writer- Jasmin A. Young is a Masters student at Columbia University pursuing a degree in African American Studies. She has written for Hip Hop Think Tank Student Journal; a major component of the Hip Hop Think Tank (HHTT) based at California State University, Northridge. 

J. Michael Carr: Staff Writer-A native of Chicago, J. Michael grew up on the city’s South Side and attended Marmion Military Academy in Aurora, Illinois. He earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an MBA with a concentration in nonprofit management from Roosevelt University. J. Michael has focused his professional talents on the management and development of nonprofit organizations. He is a Rotarian, and served as treasurer for the Rotary Club of Southeast Chicago, the first all African-American Rotary Club in the United States.  His writings can be found at www.anewwaymedia.com

Anthony J. Srpinger (A-Plus): Staff Writer- A.J.’s career in mass media began in 2000 during an internship at Las Vegas’ only Black radio station, Power 88.1 FM (power88lv.com), where he currently co-hosts The Saturday Vibe. From the public air waves, he uses the power of the microphone to talk about everything from community affairs, entertainment news, sports, and the evils of bad rap music. When he’s not searching for the meaning of life, he can be found on the web reporting the latest in Hip Hop news, Callin Out Names in his editorial column or blasting sucker emcees on his blog, Diary of a Mad Rap Fan at Hiphopdx.com.  

Alexandria Barabin: Staff Writer- Alexnadria Barabin writes both fiction and non-fiction, as well as poetry. A California native, Alexandria graduated from California State University, Northridge where she received her degree from the College of Social and Behavioral Science in the department of Pan African Studies with an emphasis in cultural art and literature. She has been both editor and contributing writer for several campus literary works including: Sankofa Newsletter, The Northridge Review, Kapu-Sens, a literary journal for the department, and Hip Hop Think Tank, a student academic journal dedicated to exploring the complexity of Hip Hop through academic and scholarly devices. She has also written for online magazines obscuremagazine.com, hollernewsletter.com, associatedcontent.com, and campusprogress.com. 


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